Dharma Teachers Talk about Insight San Diego!

"I've kind of been waiting for a group to cohere in San Diego ... That group is coming together beautifully in Insight San Diego" - Guy Armstrong

"It was a delight to feel that sincerity of practice ... I encourage you to participate" - Sally Armstrong



Insight San Diego is a community of practitioners in the Buddhist Vipassana tradition. We provide opportunities for meditation, and learning the dharma for new and experienced students from diverse backgrounds in an open and safe environment.  Our intention is to cultivate mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion for the benefit of ourselves and the world.


Insight San Diego is committed to continuing a 30 year San Diego legacy of in-depth dharma study and detailed practice instruction in Vipassana style meditation also known as Insight Meditation.

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Before the establishment of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California, official Insight Meditation sponsored retreats were held annually in Yucca Valley at what today is known as the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

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