Inspired and instructed by recognized teachers of Vipassana style Meditation in the West, Insight San Diego offers a learning and practice environment for longtime, midlevel, and beginning practitioners.

Insight San Diego is committed to continuing a 30 year San Diego legacy of in-depth dharma study and detailed practice instruction in Vipassana style meditation also known as Insight Meditation. For over 30 years a group of dedicated Insight Meditation Practitioners have been studying in San Diego. These early pioneers were some of the initial participants in the first Vipassana style retreats on the West Coast taught by the founders of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS), Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, and Sharon Salzberg . The classes and other offerings through Insight San Diego are intended to acknowledge and share the wisdom and experience of San Diego’s longtime local Insight Meditation practitioner community with those who are newer to the Insight Meditation practice. 

Our Mission

Insight San Diego is a community of practitioners in the Vipassana tradition. We provide opportunities for meditation, and learning the dharma for new and experienced students from diverse backgrounds in an open and safe environment.  Our intention is to cultivate mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion for the benefit of ourselves and the world.

On the deepest level, problems such as war and starvation are not solved by economics and politics alone. Their source is prejudice and fear in the human heart — and their solution also lies in the human heart.
— Joseph Goldstein


Founded in October of 2014, Insight San Diego is committed to carrying on a long-standing San Diego tradition of deep practice and study.

Before the establishment of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California, official Insight Meditation sponsored retreats were held annually in Yucca Valley at what today is known as the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Since Spirit Rock Meditation Center was established in 1990 several members of the San Diego Insight Meditation practitioner community have participated in both the Dedicated Practitioner Program and the Community Dharma Leader Program held at Spirit Rock.

Through many years of dedication, practice, and training a network of Insight Meditation study groups and sanghas have developed throughout San Diego County.

The formation of the San Diego Buddhist Study Series, a non-residential weekend seminars led by respected dharma teachers from across the country, is yet another accomplishment of the Insight Meditation practitioner community in San Diego. The San Diego Buddhist Study Series will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in the coming year.


A volunteer Board of Directors is Insight San Diego's central governing body. The work of the Board is supported by a number of committees and a generous group of volunteers. The Board and all committees follow a core value that the Dharma guides us in our decisions.

Alby Quinlan

Alby has been practicing Insight Meditation since the mid-‘80’s. She has attended several 10 day retreats and completed the Dedicated Practitioner Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Currently she is participating in the Advanced Practitioner Program at Spirit Rock. Alby has been the facilitator for the Foundations of Mindfulness study group, along with several others, for the past two years. Alby, along with several talented and dedicated practitioners, started Insight San Diego and she has been serving as President of the Board since the organization gained non-profit status.

Rich Bradway


Irene Folk

Irene is retired from over 25 years as a legal secretary and lives in San Diego, California. She started practicing Vipassana meditation to deal with chronic pain and now considers Buddhism a full-time practice. She has sat many long retreats and has a serious daily meditation practice. She feels passionate about helping create and maintain a community where the dharma and Vipassana meditation can thrive, and delights in seeing the personal transformation of individuals through this practice. She is grateful and proud to be one of the founding members of Insight San Diego.

Irene is and has been active in 12-step recovery for over 30 years and is one of the founding members of a Buddhist 12-step recovery group at the Dharma Bums Temple in San Diego. In addition, she goes into Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility twice monthly with the Prison Meditation Project and teaches Qigong to the inmates. She has two daughters, four grandchildren and two beloved dogs — her spiritual advisors.

Hal Mirsky

Hal is a software engineer and small business owner by profession. He has been involved in the San Diego community through support to The Child’s Primary School, the San Diego Archaeological Center and more recently, Insight San Diego. He first practiced meditation as a child to reduce anxiety associated with asthma attacks. Over the recent six years, he has become increasingly interested in mindfulness through Mindfulness Self Compassion classes, reading and meditation. He is grateful for feeling more alive and more deeply connected with family, friends and the world stemming from his practice.