Week 3 - Metta For a Benefactor

During week 3 we practiced directing the Metta phrases to a benefactor or friend.  A benefactor is a benevolent person who has given you something for which you are grateful.  It could be a grandmother, a teacher, an older brother, a child.  It is someone who easily arouses positive feelings.  If it’s a friend, as we will learn, even if it’s a complex relationship, we focus on the part of the friendship that we love and cherish.  An example:  To my friend who is seriously ill:

  • May you feel safe and secure.
  • May you be content with life on its own terms.
  • May your body support you, and be pain free.
  • May you take care of yourself happily.

We are training the mind and heart to be a little more open when connecting with others.  The magic of Metta is in the practicing of it.  So you are encouraged to find a place each day to say the phrases, and see what happens.  Enjoy your practice!