Week 4 - Metta for a Neutral Person

In this week, we direct the Metta phrases to a neutral person.  A neutral person is someone we don’t feel strong liking or disliking for.
Often a neutral person is someone who performs a certain function in our lives: check-out person in the supermarket, bank teller, or dry cleaner.  When we choose a neutral person and offer them metta, we are offering it to them simply on the basis that they exist.  In other words, we offer them metta because we share this planet, we share this life, we include them in our care as well.
You might choose a neutral person in your life and bring an image of them to mind or feel their presence as if they are right in front of you.  Offer the following phrases, focusing on one phrase at a time:
*May you live in safety
*May you have mental happiness
*May you enjoy health and freedom from pain
*May you live life with ease
As you go forward with your week you might be especially aware of the neutral people in your life.  As you encounter these people you might practice sending metta with a few of the classic phrases or phrases that appeal to you.  Enjoy your practice