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The 8 week facilitated class covers the Theravadan traditional ways of practicing Lovingkindness meditation, as well as expanding the possibilities of deepening love and kindness in our day-to-day lives.  We utilize the material in the 3 CD Set "Lovingkindness Meditation Learning to Love Through Insight Meditation."

From the description:

Within your own heart is a limitless source of supreme energy—the energy of love. No other force in the universe compares to it. The world's great spiritual traditions, both past and present, agree on this simple principle. Can love be harnessed and applied to others used as a tool for changing lives?

Lovingkindness Meditation teaches a traditional practice for cultivating love, and applying it as a life-changing force. Dating back 2,600 years, metta (an ancient Buddhist meditation practice on lovingkindness) is a timeless method for unlocking your heart's immense healing resources.

Metta meditation is not a technique for repressing your awareness of life's pain. Rather, it is a way to break down the artificial mental barriers that separate you from others. Here is a universal meditation practice to help you:

  • Melt away feelings of isolation
  • Awaken your true compassion, even for those who have hurt you
  • Free yourself from needless suffering, while helping others find happiness
  • Learn to trust in your own loving, intelligent heart

Additional resources by Sharon Salzberg also available:

All classes will be held at our Liberty Station location on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.  See directions to center. If you have missed a session, you can click on title of each Discussion Topic to read more.  As an introduction to several of the fundamental terms used in the teachings, Joseph Goldstein describes consciousness, mindfulness/awareness, and wisdom in the talk Clarification of Terms.

Please review the group agreements.  The most important thing in a sangha is to feel safe.  These guidelines help provide a context in which safety and respect will flourish.

Seating is limited. After registering you'll receive weekly emails containing class information and other announcements.

Following a 2,500 year tradition known as Dana, the teachings and meditation sessions represented on this website are offered on a generosity (dana) basis.  No one will be denied because they cannot pay. We are encouraging members to pay what their budget and hearts of generosity allow, and/or to sign up for monthly giving on our Donations page.

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1 10/21/15 Overview Jeff Maloney
2 10/28/15 Yourself, The 4 Phrases Jeff Maloney
3 11/4/15 Benefactor or Friend Linda Collins
4 11/11/15 The Neutral Person; Sharon Salzberg Lovingkindness Meditation CD Jeff Maloney & Linda Collins
5 11/18/15 The Difficult Person; Sharon Salzberg Lovingkindness Meditation CD Jeff Maloney & Linda Collins
6 12/2/15 All beings; Sylvia Boorstein Jeff Maloney & Linda Collins
7 12/9/15 Your choice; Jack Kornfield Jeff Maloney & Linda Collins
8 12/16/15 Your choice; Temple Smith Jeff Maloney & Linda Collins