Due to the success of our second Metta Meditation class, and by request from our members, we are creating a third!  This is a new class; please register even if you attended a previous Metta class.

This class is tailored for people who already have basic Metta meditation skills.

This class is facilitated by Jeffrey Maloney, Ph.D., and Nina Tomkiewicz. During classes we will listen to dharma talks, practice, and share. We may have a live (via Skype) dharma teacher at one session. The topics include the power of lovingkindness and obstacles to unconditional love. See below for a complete list of topics and class dates.

All classes will be held in room 323 at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, 4190 Front St, San Diego. Class times are 7-8:45 pm. Please plan to arrive by 7 since this class does not begin with a meditation period.

See the calendar below for specific class dates.

Please review the Kindness and Respect Practices. The most important thing in a sangha is to feel safe. These guidelines help provide a context in which safety and respect will flourish.

Please contact Jeffrey Maloney with questions about the class.

After registering you'll receive emails containing class information and other announcements.

Following a 2,500 year tradition known as Dana, the teachings and meditation sessions represented on this website are offered on a generosity (dana) basis. No one will be denied because they cannot pay. We are encouraging members to pay what their budget and hearts of generosity allow and/or to sign up for monthly giving on our Donations page.

(Click on the Topic to listen)
1 11/16/16 Launching your Lovingkindness Practice Jeff Maloney, Nina Tomkiewicz
2 11/30/16 The Power of Lovingkindness, Guy Armstrong Jeff Maloney, Nina Tomkiewicz
3 12/7/16 Live (Skype) Dharma Talk with Frank Ostaseki: "Love Heals" Jeff Maloney, Nina Tomkiewicz
4 12/14/16 Heart Practices for Awakening Joy, James Baraz Jeff Maloney, Nina Tomkiewicz
5 12/21/16 Obstacles to Unconditional Love (Metta), Mark Coleman Jeff Maloney, Nina Tomkiewicz