Are you thinking about or have you just started meditating and not really sure how to do it? Are you an experienced meditator and interested in going back to the basics to enhance your practice?

Just as the Buddha taught insight meditation 2,500 years ago with the purpose of helping people become happier and freer, Insight San Diego is offering a six session Introduction to Meditation series to help people do just that – learn to meditate! Our class utilizes the six (6) sessions, taught by Gil Fronsdal via audiotape, and will focus on the basics of a meditation practice: how to sit, what to do when you sit in meditation, how to do a walking meditation and supports for entering into this process.

Jeffrey Maloney
Mimi Berney
For questions please contact Jeffrey or Mimi

This six session series will build on the Buddha’s core instructions on Breath, Body, Emotions, Thinking, the Mind and Daily Life as a foundation to meditation. In addition, the group will help you learn how to use a Body Scan technique to bring to present awareness and back to center and balance in your meditation practice.

Additional resources for guided meditations will be provided.  


Tuesday nights, weekly, beginning January 10, 2017, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm.


First Unitarian Church, 4190 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92121, Room 323


See directions to center. Please review the Guidelines for Mindful Dialogue as a framework for discussions.

As an introduction to several of the fundamental terms used in the teachings, Joseph Goldstein describes consciousness, mindfulness/awareness, and wisdom in the talk Clarification of Terms.

Seating is limited. After registering you'll receive emails containing class information as well as announcements about other Insight San Diego activities.
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