Affinity Group

Greeting the Heavenly Messengers

  • First Unitarian Universalist Church, San Diego, CA.
  • 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month
  • 9:30 - 11:30 am

Greeting the Heavenly Messengers – Illness, Old Age, and Death

It is common for us to live our lives as if things will stay pretty much as they are. Facing the reality of the inevitability of death, and the strong probability of illness and the effects of aging, takes willingness and courage. Spiritual friends can help us prepare for these parts of our lives and learn to accept them. As Rumi says,


Be grateful for whatever comes,
Because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

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This is an open meeting. We welcome your participation. Activities include meditation, dharma talks, readings, and sharing of challenges and wisdom.

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Following a 2,500 year tradition in which the community financially supports the offerings provided, the teachings and meditation sessions in this group are offered on a generosity (Dana) basis.  No one is turned away because they cannot give. We are encouraging members to give what their budget and hearts of generosity allow, and/or to sign up for monthly giving on our Donations page.

We look forward to seeing you! We also encourage bringing a guest.

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