Week 47 - Bare Attention

This talk is similar to the one we listened to in November 2014, associated with Chapter 6, entitled Bare Knowing and the Continuity of Mindfulness. Joseph emphasizes the simplicity of bare knowing, the observing of experience, whatever it is, without getting lost. Knowing and object arise spontaneously and simultaneously.

Understanding this leads to realizing the selfless nature of the unfolding process of nama-rupa.

Joseph discusses the role and importance of perception in bare knowing, saying that perception without mindfulness limits our way of living. Perception in the service of mindfulness serves to frame the experience. Noting uses perception to strengthen mindfulness. When mindfulness is well established, it runs by itself – effortless effort.

He quotes Louise Erdrich, “Those powerful moments of true knowledge which we paper over with daily life, but every so often something shatters like ice and we fall into the river of our own existence. We are aware.”


1. Have you noticed your mind being a "story making machine?"

  • How and when does this arise for you?

2. Joseph mentioned the stories of smuggling donkeys, the fire alarm and the color of apples, have you noticed strong perception without mindfulness that colored your experience?

3. On the other hand, have you noticed experiences where you found your mindfulness strengthened through perception? 



Appreciate the nuances, taste the layers, the different flavors, the textures, the saltiness, the sweetness, the warmth or cool..

  • See your food, the colors, the shapes and forms, the consistency of the ingredients. 
  • Can you distinguish the ingredients? 


  • While typing, can you feel the level of pressure, the texture of the keys, the sound of the keys
  • While at stop light: can you sense the pressure you're holding the wheel? The way your hands are resting? The sensations in your wrist, and hands?
  • The temperature of the steering wheel? The texture and indentation?