Week 1: Mindfulness with Joseph Goldstein


We are delighted to welcome you to an in-depth study of the Foundations of Mindfulness with Joseph Goldstein, one of the great interpreters and teachers of Mindfulness meditation in the West.  Every week our group gathers in San Diego to listen to his recorded talks and discuss afterwards the fundamental concepts of Buddhism -  the causes of human suffering and the conditions which lead to happiness.  During the week we deepen our understanding through the reading of Joseph's new book, Mindfulness: A Practical Guide.

As well, we have initiated this blog in which we take turns reviewing each week's talk and offering questions and practices inspired by the topic. We invite you to leave comments here. Your insights may lead to important insights in others, so please join in!  

We are a group of ordinary people - none of us is an expert -  who gather together to listen to the talks in a safe, respectful environment.  If you are interested in beginning a meditation practice, you'll find support among us. If you have an established meditation practice, here is another opportunity to do so in sangha.

If you cannot attend, each blog posting will include information so that you can download Joseph's talk and find the relevant chapter of his new book.  In any case, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. And do join in the discussion - click on any of the headlines of the weekly session to join in!