This page provides access to the talks used at Insight San Diego's classes, groups, dharma talks and retreats. We've seen a growing interest in the availability of the talks based on the 'path' through a concept or in a specific area of Buddhist teaching. We hope this page is helpful to you.

Talks are made available to download or listen to by the 'hosting site.' Insight San Diego relies on the generosity of teachers that make their wisdom available through sites such as audiodharma.org and dharmaseed.org. Please help support this service with a donation to Insight San Diego, or directly to the teacher or hosting site (details typically found on the respective site after clicking on the link to a talk).

Our feature is in early beta test. Search by teacher's name in an 'activity' is currently supported; we are working on topic based searches too. Your feedback and comments are welcome!

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Our archive contains a lot of information.  Should you find an error please send us a message.