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"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared."

- Buddha

"The smallest indivisible human unit is two people,not one; one is a fiction.  From such nets of souls societies, the social world, human life springs."

― Tony Kushner

Buddhist Study Series

Weekend with Donald Rothberg September 23-24, 2017

Donald will be teaching a small-group weekend event on September 23-24 as part of the Buddhist Study Series.

There are a few spaces still available. His topic will be: Transforming the Judgmental Mind, Cultivating the Wise Heart.  

From Donald about the weekend:  “Judgments of a reactive and often automatic nature are very strong in most of our lives, and in the dominant culture. They can distort our perceptions, make relationships with others difficult, and undermine our work in the world. We will explore the nature of such judgments (and their difference from non-reactive discernment) and how to transform them. We will cultivate mindfulness, inquiry, and heart practices such as lovingkindness, forgiveness, and compassion. We will also explore the somatic and social dimensions of judgments and the role of cultivating awakened qualities in transforming judgments. These tools will help us to preserve the intelligence and energy often found in judgments, using them for discernment and compassionate action, while working through judgments' destructive and compulsive aspects, that often rest on unconscious or unexamined limiting beliefs.”

The cost for the weekend is $120; a scholarship may be available if payment is a hardship.  If you are interested, contact Kathryn Krug at

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