"A Practical Guide to Awakening"   with Joseph Goldstein

All classes will be held on Wednesday evenings 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm.  See directions to center. Deepen your experience and purchase the book that inspired the course. If you have missed a session, you can click on title of each Discussion Topic to read more.  As an introduction to several of the fundamental terms used in the teachings, Joseph describes consciousness, mindfulness/awareness, and wisdom in the talk Clarification of Terms.

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We've added a final class session on 10/14/2015 "Looking Back / Looking Forward" as an opportunity for the group to reflect on the course.

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1 10/01/14
Introduction, Overview, Orientation
Alby Quinlan
Suzanne Lawrence
2 10/09/14 Direct Path to Liberation
Alby Quinlan
3 10/15/14 Mindfulness Suzanne Lawrence
4 10/22/14 Concentration and Contemplation
Taylor Drye
5 10/29/14 Impermanence Jeffrey Maloney
6 01/05/14 Bare Knowing and Continuous Mindfulness
7 11/12/14 Not Clinging to Anything
Mark Berger
8 01/19/14 Mindfulness of the Body
Jacqui Schwartz
9 21/03/14 Purification of Mindfulness of Postures
Alan Schmidt
10 12/10/14 Clear Knowing and Mindfulness on Parts of the Body
Merilyn Britt
11 12/17/14 The Four Elements
Sue Quinn
12 01/07/15 Mindfulness of Feelings I
Ellen Speert
13 01/14/15 Mindfulness of Feelings II
Joann Koppany
14 01/21/15 Mindfulness of Mind
Susan Levine
15 01/28/15 Mindfulness of Dhamma: Hindrance - Refrain
Jeff Maloney
16 02/04/15 Mindfulness of Dhamma: Hindrance - Desire
Irene Folk
17 02/11/15 Mindfulness of Dhamma: Hindrance - Aversion
Christine Grisham
18 02/18/15 Mindfulness of Dhamma: Hindrance - Sloth & Torpor
Diane Besemer
19 02/25/15 Mindfulness of Dhamma: Hindrance - Restlessness
Alby Quinlan
20 03/04/15 Doubt
Polly Carmona
21 03/11/15 The Five Aggregates - Material, Perceptions, Elements, Feelings
Suzanne Lawrence
22 03/18/15 The Five Aggregates - Perception and Formation
Hal Mirsky
23 03/25/15 The Five Aggregates - Formation and Consciousness
Marilyn Britt
24 04/01/15 An Evening with Joseph Goldstein Alby Quinlan
25 04/08/15 The Five Aggregates – Formation and Consciousness Part 2
Marilyn Britt
26 04/15/15 The Five Aggregates - Non-Self Jeff Maloney
27 04/22/15 The Six Sense Spheres - I
Ralph Chaney
28 04/29/15 The Six Sense Spheres - II
Alby Quinlan
29 05/06/15 The Six Sense Spheres - III
Ellen Speert
30 05/13/15 Factors of Awakening: Mindfulness
Diane Devore
31 05/20/15 Factors of Awakening: Investigation Jo Friedman
32 05/27/15 Factors of Awakening: Energy Christine Grisham
33 06/03/15 Factors of Awakening: Rapture I Mark Warmbrand
34 06/10/15 Factors of Awakening: Rapture II Ralph Chaney
35 06/17/15 Factors of Awakening: Tranquility Mark Berger
36 06/24/15 Factors of Awakening: Concentration I Irene Folk
37 07/01/15 Factors of Awakening: Concentration II JoAnn Koppany
38 07/08/15 Factors of Awakening: Equanimity Suzanne Lawrence
39 07/15/15 Four Noble Truths: Truth of Dukkha Annabeth Hinderling
40 07/22/15 Four Noble Truths: Origin of Dukkha Suzanne Lawrence
41 07/29/15 Four Noble Truths: Cessation of Dukkha Diane Devore
42 08/05/15 The Noble Eightfold Path: Right View I Alan Schmidt
43 08/12/15 The Noble Eightfold Path: Right View II Hal Mirsky
44 08/19/15 The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Thought I: Renunciation Paul Siborski
45 08/26/15 The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Thought II : Lovingkindness Julie Chippendale
46 09/02/15 The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Thought III: Compassion Merilyn Britt
47 09/09/15 Bare Attention Hooman Anvar
48 09/16/15 The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Speech David Hanson
49 09/23/15 Having Fun: Questions and Answers Alan Nations
50 09/30/15 The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Action / Right Livelihood Alby Quinlan
51 10/07/15 The Noble Eightfold Path: Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration Suzanne Lawrence
52 10/14/15 Looking Back / Looking Forward Alby Quinlan

Thank you for your interest in being a practice facilitator. This role is one of the most important parts of this new Insight San Diego undertaking. It is through facilitated discussion, guided meditation, voluntary home practices, and personal reflection that the pearls of wisdom in the Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening will truly become integrated into our daily life.

Facilitator Guidelines:

* Listen to the taped dharma talk that corresponds with the particular study week you intend to facilitate. 

* Read the corresponding chapter in Mindfulness: A Guide to Awakening by Joseph Goldstein.

* Prepare 3-5 questions or statements on this material with the intention of germinating discussion among those present.

* On the day of the meeting, facilitate a 20-30 minute discussion among participants.

* Prepare and present 2-4 practices that participants can use during the week to incorporate what they have heard. 

* Submit a summary of your facilitated session, including questions and practices to for publication on the blog. 

How to sign up.

1. Sign Up in Class: A clipboard will be passed around each meeting allowing participants to sign up as discussion leaders. 

2. Referring to the topics listed on the Calendar please indicate below the specific Topic Date, and/or Week Number you would like to facilitate in the form below.

3. Expect to receive a follow up email from Alby Quinlan or Margo Wilding who will be scheduling a phone conversation for support or questions prior to being a facilitator. This means you will need to have reviewed the materials by Sunday prior to the Wed. meeting you will be facilitating.

Discussion Facilitator Form

Name *