Week 6 - Wrap Up and Lovingkindness

This week wrapped up the six week series "The Inner Art of Meditation” (Meditation for Beginners) with Jack Kornfield.  This week’s talk was about integrating the practice into everyday life and ended with a guided meditation on Lovingkindness. There will be two more “bonus” classes to finish the year on December 5 and 12.   Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and I’m giving thanks for your heartfelt participation.  Hope to see you in December. 


1. What are the biggest obstacles that you see for daily practice?  Can you see any solutions?

2. What do you think about his point about keeping it simple?

3. How does it feel to be a “beginner”?  Is it frustrating, exciting, confusing, hard, easy?

4. Do you feel connected with the whole world? 


1. Try to take an everyday, mundane experience:  driving, washing your face, walking to your car, standing in line, etc.  Try to experience what it would feel like just to be aware, weaving awareness into your everyday routines.

2. One dharma teacher says:  SUFFERING = PAIN + CONTRACTION.  Be aware of your muscles and mental contractions during the day and see if you can relax them.

3. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, over the Thanksgiving weekend, go into a room for 15 minutes and contemplate all the things you are grateful for.